Demos & Demons

Athens, january 2018. As I walk along the Parthenon, my guide stops to contemplate the horizon with a mixture of pride [...]

Revolution on the Table

  “At first glance, the picture Revolution on the Table (2011) is merely a painterly reproduction of a [...]

Between Stars And Women

  "The Viennese exhibition was opened by three diptychs depicting women: Zarah Leander at Her Zenith, [...]

Nazi Holidays

    "In Nazi Holidays (2011), Adach made use of a photograph from an album found in Germany a [...]


    "The wolf appeared on the cover of the aggressively nationalistic magazine Phalanx (a [...]

Judenbuche’s century

Judenbuche's century Le siècle de Die Judenbuche Das Jahrhundert der Judenbuche   « “These [...]


    "The sculpture, composed of two figures - heroic male nudes - is a masterpiece of the [...]

Mars Berlin Hollywood

"Even when the painting seems to escape history (1909 Curiosity [Berlin]), it sends us back to a déjà-vu (as a [...]


  “It is common knowledge that the artist is both something of a scientist and of a 'bricoleur'. By [...]