Baùbo au naturel

The woodcut painting Hymn to Baùbo au naturel represents a naked woman sitting on a tree with her legs spread apart, [...]

Witches’ Sparks

Iskra, detail. Inspired, among other sources, by the reading of Mona Chollet's Sorcières. La Puissance invaincue [...]

At The Gala

Elisabeth Moss at the gala du procès des sorcières, 2019, oil on canvas, 160x180cm. The painting Elisabeth Moss [...]

Greta Thunberg under fire

GretaThunnberg sous le feu

Greta Versus Imperatores, 2020, series of photos. When Margaret Atwood compared Greta Thunberg to Joan of Arc, [...]


"In recent years, neuroscientists have substantiated these accounts by showing how trauma can be transmitted across [...]

A tweet about destruction

While making a nod to Hieronymus Bosch through the profusion of details, a series of enchanting/disturbing paintings [...]

Curtains. Szmata. Urn.

"Curtains, Rags, Urn", Lockdown exhibition in the windows of Curie City, Warsaw, 2020 "Adam Adach hangs [...]


Jardin à la française in Kabul, detail. The anachronistic, or rather timeless cohabitation of historical and [...]

The End of Inquisition

Fiesta de la fin de l'Inquisition (Fiesta of the End of Inquisition), 2019, oil on canvas, 130x130cm. The [...]

Sleepless Melville

"The greater the fog, the more it imperils the steamer, and speed is put on though at the hazard of running somebody [...]


  "Now the Handsome Sailor as a signal figure among the crew had naturally enough attracted the captain’s [...]

Boundary of the Sea

Boat (Beneath a Sunny Sky), detail.     The vertical/horizontal blue line is a physical boundary within the [...]

Rosemary and Marjoram

In July 2018, while in Portugal, I went to an 18th century palace to watch a classic play of 1737, The Wars of [...]