Adam Adach_oil painting
Jardin à la française in Kabul, detail.

The anachronistic, or rather timeless cohabitation of historical and contemporary images makes it possible to read Jardin à la française in Kabul as a uchronia – according to the neologism created in 1876 by the French philosopher Charles Renouvier – an imagined time or a counterfactual history.

Jardin à la française in Kabul, detail.
Jardin à la française in Kabul, detail.
Jardin à la française in Kabul, 2019, oil on canvas, 130x130cm.
Enemies, 2007, oil on canvas, 132x165cm.

“The painting Enemies is based on a photograph from a French newspaper from WWI showing German marines diving off a cliff into the Adriatic Sea. The Rally documents a congress held by the extreme right political party in Poland after it assumed power in 2004. The circular composition is illuminated by blue light which gives the scene the feel of a science fiction movie. Here, as in other works, Adach filters a record of a historic event through visual elements of popular culture as well as his own subjectivity bringing the event into the present.” (Chemical Sunset, 2007, Solo exhibition at D’Amelio Terras/D’Amelio Gallery, New York).

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