August, 28 2020

Jardin à la française in Kabul, detail. The anachronistic, or rather timeless cohabitation of historical and contemporary images makes it possible to read Jardin à la française in Kabul as a uchronia – according to the neologism created in 1876 by the French philosopher Charles Renouvier – an imagined time or a counterfactual history. Jardin à la française in Kabul, [...]

The End of Inquisition

August, 20 2020

Fiesta de la fin de l'Inquisition (Fiesta of the End of Inquisition), 2019, oil on canvas, 130x130cm. The painting Fiesta of the End of Inquisition – freely inspired by Hippolyte Lecomte's engraving, The End of Inquisition in Barcelona, March 10, 1820 – questions the disappearance of this institution, its incongruous chronology, from suppression to restoration, from [...]

At The Gala

April, 16 2020

Elisabeth Moss at the gala du procès des sorcières, 2019, oil on canvas, 160x180cm. The painting Elisabeth Moss at the gala du procès des sorcières represents a classic theatre where the inquisitorial court of justice is mocked by the defendants themselves, who are literally flying over it on their broomsticks. Handmaidens inspired by the famous television adaptation of [...]

Sleepless Melville

September, 13 2019

"The greater the fog, the more it imperils the steamer, and speed is put on though at the hazard of running somebody down. Little ween the snug card players in the cabin of the responsibilities of the sleepless man on the bridge." Herman Melville, Billy Budd, Sailor, 1924 "[Pathos is] the very concept of duplication, of irreducible difference, of possible drama, of what escapes the [...]


August, 13 2019

  "Now the Handsome Sailor as a signal figure among the crew had naturally enough attracted the captain’s attention from the first. Though in general not very demonstrative to his officers, he had congratulated Lieutenant Ratcliffe upon his good fortune in lighting on such a fine specimen of the genus homo, who in the nude might have passed for a statue of young Adam before [...]

Boundary of the Sea

September, 09 2018

Boat (Beneath a Sunny Sky), detail.     The vertical/horizontal blue line is a physical boundary within the painting, yet it is also a metaphorical break between land and sea. In western cultures, the beach has come to represent recreation and relaxation, ease of mind and, at the economic level, a good quality of life. At the same time, the beach also functions as a [...]