September, 06 2023

The exhibition « Notícia genealógica» (2023) at the chapel of Saint Benedict near the monastery of Alcobaça (Portugal) is a group of 14 paintings that I imagined and materialized for this specific place in order to form a corpus in situ. This chapel was founded in the eighth century at a time of political and religious upheaval in the region that was to become the [...]

Greta Thunberg under fire

September, 01 2020

Greta Versus Imperatores, 2020, series of photos. When Margaret Atwood compared Greta Thunberg to Joan of Arc, some people wondered whether she should be burned. The painting Greta Thunberg under fire represents the television set where such a statement could be verbalized, with the close-up of the legendary teenager in the background. The famous phrase "NOLITE TE BASTARDES [...]


September, 01 2020

Autodafé Nr 9 (Barbara Zdunk), 2018, photos of performative drawing,20x30cm. Edit. Inkjet on Murakami paper. "In recent years, neuroscientists have substantiated these accounts by showing how trauma can be transmitted across generations epigenetically. Thus, parental trauma can be encoded in children’s DNA structures, making them more vulnerable to traumatic and [...]

Baùbo au naturel

September, 01 2020

The woodcut painting Hymn to Baùbo au naturel represents a naked woman sitting on a tree with her legs spread apart, in evocation of Baùbo, the character from Greek mythology who, with her obscene songs, makes the inconsolable Demeter laugh. Here Adam Adach responds to the demands of eco-feminism so that each and every one discovers his or her inner goddess, his or her witch, in a [...]

Witches’ Sparks

September, 01 2020

Iskra, detail. Inspired, among other sources, by the reading of Mona Chollet's Sorcières. La Puissance invaincue des femmes (Witches. The Undefeated Power of Women, 2018), Adach subverts the classical construction of his own stroke, incorporates corporality and deliberately oscillates between emotion and kitsch, rationality and ecstasy. "In fact, it is precisely because witch [...]

A tweet about destruction

August, 31 2020

A Tweet by William Turner about the destruction of Sodoma & Gaffa questions notions such as virility and populism, collective responsibility and fake news. A Trojan horse wears a Stars and Stripes tie between its legs, surrounded by male figures – including Donald Trump himself – somewhere between the Wild West, KKK and antiquity. The gap between the real and reality as an [...]