1992 i 1993, ENSBA Lyon. Fr.

*Paraklesis. (A calling near, Officium for consolation, Request for help, , Small Supplicatory Canon)

As the drops of water fall rhythmically on the heated metal, they evaporate instantly. This is not a medieval Memento Mori, but a metaphor for the life force and a cry for effective therapy in times of epidemic Aides.

There is a well-known saying in various cultures, more or less referring to the quotation from Ovid:

A drop drills the rock, not by force, but by constant falling”.

Adam_Adach, Paraklesis, time_of_AIDS, Healing Canon; drop-to-drop

Paraklesis: Drop-to-drop (Kroplówka. Goutte-à-goutte), 1993, drip, metal table, electric heater, spotlight, water vapor, screen, ENSBA, Lyon, France.

The projector illuminates the rapidly evaporating drops of water dripping onto the heated tabletop from the medical drip. The water steam is visible on the sheet hanging on the opposite wall as a delicate, ephemeral but repetitive, cloud-shadow-image.

The installation consists of:

-metal top with sheet metal floor.

-metal frame.

-electric machine to heat the top.

-a suspended drip with saline solution.

-steam generated at regular intervals.

-a light projector.

-a white sheet on the wall with a blue square painted on it.